Best mens watches


A First watch made by humans is an analog watch .An Analog watch is one which does not have digital display like smart watches .It has three hands that tells us time actually we read time  by seeing those three hands. Some watches have luminous hands to read time even in dark while others have simple pointers. All three pointers or hands are different in shape and size.The longest pointer moving continuously at constant speed tells us about seconds.Second hand which is as long as seconds pointer but thick in size tells us minutes ,moment is not continous. The third and last pointer gives us the information of hours and is smaller then others but thick in size.


Now a days Analog watches comes in various attractive designs. There are numbers written on the face of these watches from 1 to 12. There is also a date window in analog watches mostly at 3pm sign which add more functions to them.Years ago analog watches only have one basic shape which was round headed dial. As the time moves on their shapes get changes in their almost every shape of analog watch is avaliable in market easily. In fact some watch makers specially design their watches according to their customers requirements. Square shapes, Roundface, Rectangluar dial, Oval shape, Oval +rectangular shape and many more are easily avaliable . There are some best mens watches under 200 here you can check those.


Mechanism of Analog watches is based on Quartz technology. Which uses an vibrating  electronic oscillator  made by silicon dioxide. Watches based on Quartz technology are more widely used all over the world.The reason behind the high demand of analog watches is the Accuracy  given by Quartz technology.


Maintainance coast of an Analog watch is very low as compare to the other smart or digital watches.The mechanism used in analog watches is very reliable with high end durability.They use solar cells as power source or your arm moment to charge their power.This makes them more efficent. If you are thinking to buy an analog watch but confused about the cost we will tell you.A good analog watch costs around 100 to 200 dollars with lots of features. You don’t need to buy a watch every time  for  every new occasion.Analog watches have big benefit over others because you can wear analog watch at any occasion. They are specially made for every occasion. They comes in metallic dial with brascellet lock, metallic dial with canvas band, lether straps with nice finished metallic dial and in many more styles and combinations.


Buying an Analog watch is good idea because you can wear them at any ocasion at any time.
Analog watches have very low maintenance coast and it is very easy to read time on them. Analog watches never go out of fashion. You can check more watches here